Kalli’s Popcorn in Bloomington

One of the great pleasures of eating is in the enticing aromas of so many foods. Among those aromas, popcorn […]

The Heavy Table Hot Five: Jan. 9-15

Heavy Table’s Hot Five presents five dishes you need to eat, including a pot pie at Jax Cafe and the bacon pineapple popcorn at Parlour.

Tom’s Popcorn Shop in Minneapolis

This old-school South Minneapolis popcorn joint could become your new favorite stop for something sweet and popcorn-y.

Seasoning popcorn with cheese, Old Bay, sesame oil.

Spice Up Your Popcorn

As summer ebbs and flows through the city, one may start to feel that there are often more movie screenings […]

Pimm’s Cup and Recipe Roundup

Rhubarb relish, quick pickle dill cucumbers, blackberry salad with creamy feta, the caprese cheeseburger, strawberry jam and sauce, the classic […]