Chino Latino’s Menu Refresh

Uptown mainstay Chino Latino gets a menu refresh — the largest in 15 years — to mixed reviews. The old favorites cannot be replaced just yet.

Badger Hill Brewing Company Emerges and Morning Roundup

DeRusha extolls the always-excellent Broders’, a look at Kinsen’s happy hour, how Parasole dumped small vendors to hold the line […]

Il Gatto and Duplex Close in Uptown

Right before the (generally lucrative) holiday season, two Uptown restaurants have shut their doors: Parasole’s relatively new Italian eatery, Il […]

Farewell Shorty & Wags and Morning Roundup

Some leaf-peeping food daytrips, Parasole sticks to its guns on skimming from servers’ tips to cover credit card fees, an […]

@ruthbourdain Unmasked? and Morning Roundup

The Strib unmasks big-time pseudonymous food tweeter Ruth Bourdain (or… well, maybe not), a Chowhound deals a hard knock to […]