Rhubarb Sorbet and Recipe Roundup

Toasted farro with greens and tahini, rhubarb sorbet with garden herbs, chili-lime mock duck tacos with kohlrabi slaw, and green beans with pork and black bean garlic sauce.

Two Sandwiches, Two Ways

Every other Monday throughout the summer and fall while locally raised produce is spectacular and abundant, the Heavy Table will be exploring vegetarian cuisine, both in the kitchen and at local eateries. Read other stories in this series.

As a co-author of an upcoming book about Minnesota sandwiches and the people who prepare them, I ate a lot of sandwiches in the first half of 2010, mostly Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches and Somali sambusa, but also, in support of my co-authors, the occasional meatloaf, fried walleye, or hot dago sandwich. I ate sandwiches for breakfast. I ate sandwiches for lunch. And, yes, I ate sandwiches for dinner. Sometimes for every meal in a day. Sometimes in family-owned delis so small I couldn’t turn around without clobbering someone with my purse; sometimes in celebrity-chef-operated restaurants anchored by shiny art museums.

Fortunately I like sandwiches, so this was not a problem, except that, Minnesota sandwiches, at least the iconic ones, tend to be incredibly, gloriously meat-tacular. So, the first thing I did when I submitted my chapters to my editor is swear off bacon-wrapped, pate-slathered, or deep-fried meat sandwiches. But, after months of eating, breathing, and dreaming sandwiches, I found I couldn’t give them up. Thus began my quest, still ongoing, for vegetarian, sometimes even vegan, sandwiches.

Lori Writer / Heavy Table

French Meadow Bakery and Café in Minneapolis serves up a vegan Grilled Reuben Tempeh sandwich ($9) stuffed with thick slabs of marinated tempeh (pressed cakes of cooked and fermented soybeans) and tangy sauerkraut and spiced tomato aioli piled onto slender slices of house-baked rye bread. The sandwiches are grilled until the bread has achieved that toasty, buttery exterior you look for in a grilled cheese sandwich, except that it’s all vegan, so there’s no butter and no cheese. Sandwiches come with your choice of chips and salsa, mixed greens, or, as pictured in the photo above, a spicy slaw.

Strawberry Shortcakes and Recipe Roundup

Strawberry shortcakes from Pastureland Coop, mint mock duck soba salad, roasted summer vegetable salad, trout wrapped in bacon + maple wasabi salmon, new potato green bean salad with basil & mustard vinaigrette, and zucchini and goat cheese tarts.

Combined Jan. 5 Violent Food News/Recipe Roundup

A historic steakhouse in Hugo dies a fiery death, homemade pizza, spicy mock duck lettuce wraps, an armed robber pops up at Sovereign Grounds coffeehouse, spring rolls with a Minnesota accent, cheese beer soup for the homesick, and banh mi.

November 16 Recipe Roundup

Insight into tortano (an Italian holiday bread), miso ginger soup with tofu noodles, tagliarelle with chives and truffle butter, pelmeni (dumplings), the third part of the Gastronomy612 Russia series, Breast of Chicken (For Two to Eat Twice), rosemary baked eggs with parmesan, and a smoky chipotle mock duck burrito.