Gray Duck Eddie Wu Spiced Chai and Lemonade

Eddie Wu Spiced Chai and Lemonade by Gray Duck is a beverage that kicks ass and takes names.

River Rock Coffee in St. Peter

St. Peter’s River Rock Coffee has a limited but mostly excellent menu, with many ingredients sourced from nearby farms, and cooked and baked from scratch.

Emily Schnobrich / Heavy Table

Kurdish Lemonade at Babani’s in St. Paul

We swoon over Babani’s Kurdish lemonade, an intensely herbal trip of tangy goodness that evokes the best of summer.

Irish Stout Brownies and Recipe Roundup

Lefse, sweet potato hummus, elderflower lemonade, and Irish stout brownies.

The French Gimlet and Recipe Roundup

The Milwaukee cheeseburger, grilled flatbread, rhubarb blueberry nut muffins, fresh herbs and cheese spread, the French gimlet, banana bread, strawberry […]