South Dakota Wines, Chef Shack Settles in Seward, and More

Chef Shack finds (another) permanent place to put down roots, The New York Times checks out South Dakota wines, more Heidi’s fallout, and more.

Exploring Seward, Heidi’s Closes Faster Than Expected, and More

The Churn explores the burgeoning Seward neighborhood food scene, looks at a report on Nico’s in Uptown, heralds a new Haskell’s liquor store, and more.

Heidi’s to Close, Farmers Market Closing Dates and More

Uptown’s well-known Heidi’s restaurant is shutting down on Dec. 31, the Country Bar is shutting its doors, there’s a new chef at Modern Cafe, and more.

Minnesota Cooks Day 2013 at the Minnesota State Fair

To many Minnesotans there is no greater foodie attraction at the Minnesota State Fair than Minnesota Cooks Day. This year it was held on […]

The Lynn on Bryant, Fitger’s Brewhouse, and more

An interview with Jay Peterson of The Lynn on Bryant, an update on the yogurt wars, and more local restaurant news.