How to Pair Fulton Beer with Local Cheese

Wherein we bounce more than a dozen great local cheeses off of five Fulton Beer brews to find the perfect pairings.

The Churn: Hop Farms A-Go-Go and More

The Churn notes that hop farms are springing up locally, checks out spam musubi in the BWCA, notes that the popcorn stand has left the skyway, and more.

Crystal Liepa / Heavy Table

The Churn: Taqueria La Hacienda’s Big Win and More

The churn looks at Taqueria La Hacienda’s small business award, Fulton’s expansion, and more.

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

The Churn: Taste of Love and More

The Churn checks out a review of the Taste of Love bakery in St. Paul, some upcoming beer events, and a honey-sweetened treat for Valentine’s Day.

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

The Churn: The Food of Barbary Fig and More

The Churn explores a crazy new road de-icing solution derived from cheese, the food of the Barbary Fig in St. Paul, a podcasting trip to Rachel’s, and more.