Heavy Table Hot Five: Aug. 5-11

The Hot Five rounds up some terrific noodles at Hong Kong Noodle, some great buns at Yangtze, and a killer croissant from Duluth’s Best Bread.

Michael Lillegard of Duluth’s Best Bread

Michael Lillegard is baking his heart out at Duluth’s Best Bread, and helping to build a burgeoning food scene in the process.

Caitlin Borgert-Spaniol

Collegeville Artisan Bakery in St. Joseph, MN

The art and craft of the Collegeville Artisan Bakery in St. Joseph produces some delectable loaves and killer croissants.

Angel Food Bakery in downtown Minneapolis

Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar in Downtown Minneapolis

Like a mirage in a pastry desert, Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar opened softly on April 30, beckoning to […]

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Twin Cities Croissants (and Their Keepers)

Step into any bakery of French or European influence, and the stimuli are plenty: colors of caramel, pistachio, apricot, and […]