Coastal Seafoods

Fitger’s Brewhouse’s Harvest Moon Wild Rice Burger

Every other Monday throughout the summer and fall while locally raised produce is spectacular and abundant, the Heavy Table will […]

January 28 Tweet Rodeo

Did you miss Sameh Wadi’s appearance on Iron Chef? @StribTaste summarizes with a short video and @CoastalSeafoods offers sale-priced Spanish […]

Lori Writer / Heavy Table

Cooking Green: Reducing your Carbon Footprint in the Kitchen

2006 was the year Al Gore forced us to hear an inconvenient truth about global climate change and Michael Pollan […]

Lori Writer / Heavy Table

Sea Salt Eatery in Longfellow

Wait no more! In Minneapolis’ Minnehaha Park, the falls are gushing, the trees are leafing out, and Sea Salt Eatery, […]

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Clancey’s Meats and Fish

“Connecting good, old fashioned service with quality product,” is how Kristin Tombers, owner of Clancey’s Meats and Fish, describes her […]