Cake Eater Bakery

Vegan Baking Tips from Cake Eater Bakery’s Emily Moore Harris

Editor’s Note: Cake Eater Bakery is now closed. Cake Eater Bakery, located in Minneapolis’ Seward neighborhood, has undergone some major […]

501 Club Closing and Inter-Holiday Roundup

The 501 Club is closing its doors for good on Jan. 8, 2011; Cake Eater Bakery is expanding its savory […]

Dairy-Free Summer Indulgences

If you’re accustomed to indulging in a sinful soft-ripened cheese or you prefer to dip your chips in sour cream, […]

April 5 Morning Roundup

An inspection of McMahon’s Pub 11 days before the fatal fire revealed “an untested fire alarm system, missing extinguishers and […]

March 23 Flickr Photo Roundup

Photos from the in-progress Cake Eater bakery, engagement shots from Azia by beccadilley, roast lamb by mamichan, stuffed veggies by […]