Brenda Langton

Three Tastes: The Heavy Table Team Recalls 2012

Each member of Heavy Table’s team shares his or her best three bites (or sips) of food (or drink) from 2012.

Recipes from Brenda Langton’s Book, The Spoonriver Cookbook

“I adore Brenda Langton for her commitment, her principled unwavering vision, her social agenda, and most of all her scrumptious […]

Goda Cafe Opens and Morning Roundup

Dave’s BrewFarm will be selling beer at Miller Park in Milwaukee; Brenda Langton of Spoonriver gives The Human Doing a […]

Grilled Tofu, Green Onion, Sweet Pepper, and Mushroom Kabobs 3

Memorial Day Cookout: Cafe Brenda’s Grilled Tofu, Green Onion, Sweet Pepper, and Mushroom Brochettes in Japanese Marinade

Every other Monday throughout the summer and fall while locally raised produce is spectacular and abundant, the Heavy Table will […]

Cafe Brenda Closes

Chef Brenda Langton is closing her 23-year-old namesake establishment to focus on her newer restaurant, Spoonriver. With a Spoonriver cookbook […]