The Craftsman of Yore is No More

For many in the greater Longfellow neighborhood, the Craftsman was a low-key beacon of good taste. Under new ownership, it has sailed in a new direction.

Pie for President

Here’s a vote that is guaranteed to make a difference: the type of pie you place on your Thanksgiving table. Each time we dine, we mirror our values.

Heavy Table Hot Five April 8-14

The Hot Five touts a new Target Field ice cream by Izzy’s and Birchwood, Brussels Sprouts at the Sheridan Room, and more.

Birchwood Cafe Cookbook Flash Fiction Contest: The Results

The results are in from the Birchwood Cafe Cookbook Flash Fiction contest.

The Birchwood Cafe Cookbook

The Birchwood Cafe Cookbook by Tracy Singleton, Marshall Paulsen and Beth Dooley includes recipes that are nourishing, thoughtful and comforting.