Pie for President

Here’s a vote that is guaranteed to make a difference: the type of pie you place on your Thanksgiving table. Each time we dine, we mirror our values.

Heavy Table Hot Five April 8-14

The Hot Five touts a new Target Field ice cream by Izzy’s and Birchwood, Brussels Sprouts at the Sheridan Room, and more.

Birchwood Cafe Cookbook Flash Fiction Contest: The Results

The results are in from the Birchwood Cafe Cookbook Flash Fiction contest.

Tricia Cornell / Heavy Table

The Birchwood Cafe Cookbook

The Birchwood Cafe Cookbook by Tracy Singleton, Marshall Paulsen and Beth Dooley includes recipes that are nourishing, thoughtful and comforting.

Out-of-Towners’ Guide to Minneapolis 2015

The Heavy Table polled its writers to create this guide to Minneapolis, highlighting some of their favorite dining spots and watering holes across the city.