Mexican Honey by Indeed Brewing Company

Mexican Honey is not what it appears to be – this “Imperial Lager” by Indeed Brewing seems slight, but packs a hidden punch of boozy honey.

HeadFlyer Brewing, J. Carver Island View Brandy, BlackStack Brewing

Two new breweries (HeadFlyer and BlackStack) are open and we sampled their beers; also, J. Carver presents a Minnesota-made cognac-style brandy.

Imperial Kvass by Bent Paddle Brewing

Bent Paddle’s kvass-inspired beer, Imperial Kvass, has spearmint, rye bread, and raisin notes, and it’s symbolic of a glorious era of beer experimentation.

Culture Project Two by Fulton Beer

In terms of price and pretense, Culture Project Two by Fulton Beer is in a heavy weight class. Fortunately for all, it follows through on its promise.

Keeping it Simple: Eden Prairie’s Lions Tap

For 60 years, Lions Tap in Eden Prairie has been a destination for people who want a hand-patted burger and crinkle fries without trendy accoutrements.