Paddy Shack Reviewed, Sisyphus Brewing, and More

Kate N.G. Sommers / Heavy Table

Kate N.G. Sommers / Heavy Table

More love for the Jack Riebel-forged upscale dive bar fare of Paddy Shack. Stephanie March digs Victor’s on Water. I’m a sucker for shakshouka, so shakshouka pizza seems worth reporting. Beer sage Doug Hoverson stops by Sisyphus Brewing and the Well Fed Guide to Life hops over to the Monte Carlo (above). Restaurant Alma fights to add boutique hotel rooms upstairs and adds a Bittercube-driven bar program to the upcoming Cafe Alma. And 10 places to take your kid when it’s damned cold out, including Riverview Cafe, A Cupcake Social, and Sovereign Grounds.

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