November 3 Tweet Rodeo

This seems novel in theory but is probably underwhelming in practice: @SeriousEats suggests turning leftover Halloween candy into pie filling, @Spill_The_Wine announces another wine dinner, @Atlantic_Food shows off wall art for the baking nerd, @Jo_Shroyer gives @MplsFarmMarket an oatmeal-free apple crisp recipe, @PittBlueSteak advertises the Parasole holiday gift card sale, and @BirchwoodCafe invites you to a double feature on (un)sustainable farming.

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Maja Ingeman

The daughter of an artist and a music teacher, Maja spent much of her childhood traveling the country in a rusty old van, attempting to model all of her father’s salable jewelry at the same time, and sampling the many edibles available both on the road and at the art fairs they visited. Though she now lives in Minneapolis, the coffee addiction and love for food that she picked up en route to one of their many destinations never left her. Between marketing work in the medical device industry and poring over the Harvard Business Review, she can typically be found holed up in her kitchen, baking bread every weekend and experimenting in between.

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