Natedogs Honey-Spiced Mustard Now Available

Nate Beck eats a hot dog with his own special mustard blend every single day. Sometimes two. Now other mustard-lovers can do the same, even if Nate doesn’t happen to be out on the street with his Natedogs cart. (Scroll down for photos here.)

NateDogs Honey-Spiced Mustard is for sale online ($6.95 for 10.5 ounces) and from Nate himself wherever you spot the cart. (Check Twitter for updates.) Beck says he’s on the lookout for local retail outlets, as well.

“I’ve always been a fan of a slightly sweet, slightly spicier mustard, but I wanted a grown-up taste,” he says. “Like it says on the bottle, ‘So good you won’t need ketchup.’ This has the sweetness of the ketchup plus the vinegary tang of the mustard all together in one.”

Beck sells local pork hot dogs and brat dogs (skinny brats) with an array of homemade condiments. We talked to him while he was out on the street today, handing out mustard samples. What else did he have on the cart at the moment? A Surly Furious whole-grain mustard. If the Honey-Spiced Mustard takes off, look for beer mustards on sale soon.

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