Louie the Loon

Maple Grilled Cheese at Parka in Longfellow

Louie the Loon grabs a grilled cheese and a Miel at Parka in Longfellow, Minneapolis.

DWITT / Heavy Table
DWITT / Heavy Table

By James Norton

James Norton is editor and co-founder of the Heavy Table. He is also the co-author of Lake Superior Flavors, the co-author of a book about Wisconsin’s master cheesemakers, and a regular on-air contributor to Minnesota Public Radio.

2 replies on “Maple Grilled Cheese at Parka in Longfellow”

Oh, Heavy Table. I love you, don’t get me wrong, but “addicting”? Don’t be that guy.

Fussy food. The breakfast I had there was expensive and not worth the money or the wait. Other meals may be better, but don’t bother if you’ve gluten problems of any kind as there’s nothing for you here except bacon and eggs.

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