Mac’s Fish & Chips

The Heavy Table is pleased to feature an upcoming biweekly series of food-focused illustrations by the artist known as WACSO (Walking Around Checking Stuff Out). “Five-Star Food, One-Star Dives” is intended to showcase gems in the rough — easily overlooked little restaurants that offer up wonderful gastronomy in a humble wrapper.

Mac’s Fish & Chips looks like two old Clark gas stations jammed together, but that doesn’t stop them from making a killer fish and chips. I’m no connoisseur but Mac’s comes the closest to what I had in England a few years back; light and flaky, not too greasy, and didn’t leave me feeling like death after I ate it… something that can’t be said about other fish and chips in town.

Mac’s Fish & Chips
1330 Larpenteur Ave W
St Paul, MN 55113


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  1. Haven’t been to Mac’s in a long time, but I remember it being really good. And who doesn’t love white bread with your fish and chips.

  2. Put me down as one who was more puzzled than pleased by the sandwich baggy containg two slices of Wonder Bread. That’s my most clear memory of my visit over ten years ago. Is the fish actually good?

  3. This will be an awesome series, love the artwork. I hope Cecil’s and Cosestta’s and Matt’s Bar are on the roster…

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