Good Day Cafe in Golden Valley

Thinking about pulling up to a table at the Good Day Cafe on a Sunday morning? You better set your alarm if you’d like to eat promptly. At 8:45am on a recent Sunday, the cheery country dining room was already filled with hungry west metro residents, but a party of three could still be seated without delay. A mere 15 minutes later, the number of people hanging around the large waiting area multiplied rapidly, giving diners jealous stares as they tucked into their plates of omelets, pancakes and french toast. Lucky bastards.

But once you become one of those lucky bastards, it’s easy to see why everyone else is giving you the stink-eye. They have grumbling stomachs while you’re devouring an apple souffle pancake, a sticky-sweet plate full of luscious fruit. It’s big enough to share, but chances are you won’t. Or you’re enjoying one of the French or souffle omelets packed with potatoes and leeks. Think Perkins, but 10 times more creative and 100 times better. If you’re a fan of Yum! Kitchen and Bakery, you’ll definitely appreciate Good Day Cafe’s gourmet-yet-still-grounded approach to breakfast cuisine.

Though Good Day Cafe’s concepts are wonderful, execution doesn’t always come off perfectly. A fried egg sandwich with onions, avocado and tomato (and ham, if you choose) on grilled brioche was tasty, but imagine how much tastier it will be in August when the tomato is in season. The beignets, a New Orleans fried-dough treat that speaks loudly to Minnesotans’ love for all things deep-fried, were warm and yeasty, but the classic powdered-sugar topping was replaced with granulated sugar. Granted, those who’ve never eaten Cafe du Monde’s famous beignets would probably never know the difference, but beignet aficionados sure do.

Good Day Cafe isn’t just for breakfast. At lunch you can find salads and sandwiches, such as Reubens, and there’s also a coffee bar that serves up drinks in the big mugs reminiscent of the Friends era. But truth be told, you’re going to be there for breakfast. And remember — the early bird gets the best beignets.

Good Day Cafe

Diner / cafe in Golden Valley
5410 Wayzata Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55416

OWNER: David Webb
Mon-Sat 6:30-11 am (breakfast) and 11am-3pm (lunch)
Sun 6:30 am-3 pm (breakfast)
No, but guests can call ahead before arriving to get on the waiting list

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  1. Beignets with granulated sugar? How tragic. I was all excited until I hit that part. maybe I’ll sneak my own powdered-sugar in.

  2. This is as perfect as a diner can be. Even the chicken soup is amazing. Now that they’re open for dinner, they’re my favorite for three meals out of three.

  3. doug dibblee 12/16/2010

    Do you have gift certificates?

  4. Colleen 12/28/2011

    We have always had great meals here, especially breakfast. Someone should tell the chef that a croque madam has two eggs served on top, what they are offering in a croque Monsieur. I was looking forward to a Madam but was informed there were no eggs on it.

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