The Tap

The Tap: After the Party

The Super Bowl’s visit to Minneapolis and St. Paul tapped into the whole #BoldNorth thing, but we could’ve done a better job showing off the region’s myriad bold flavors.

The Tap: The New Equilibrium

The Tap presents a listing of restaurants opening and closing in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro, plus a column on reaching a new restaurant equilibrium.

The Tap: Restaurant Openings and Closings in Early December

The Tap previews upcoming restaurants, notes restaurants that have opened and looks at spots that have closed in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

The Tap: Restaurant Openings and Closings in Late November

The Tap tracks new, upcoming, and closing restaurants in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond, with an eye to independent spots serving unique menus.

The Tap: Questionable Concepts

The founding of Prime Six and the revival of Nye’s raise questions about what constitutes a sound restaurant concept in Minneapolis.