Peace Coffee’s Alchemy Series Revisited

The latest coffee in Peace Coffee’s Alchemy series tells a story of war and peace and human interconnectedness.

UniDeli: The United Noodles Deli Redux

Since last we wrote about it, the deli in United Noodles has had a remodel and a changing of the […]

Much Ado About Rye Deli

If you’re familiar with the saying “Two Jews, three opinions,” it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there hasn’t been […]

Romaine and Roquefort at 112 Eatery

Going Vegetarian at 112 Eatery

Out of the approximately 40 savory items on 112 Eatery‘s menu, seven are strictly vegetarian, while a few more are […]

The Vegetarian Tasting Menu at HauteDish

On November 2nd, a little bird told us that HauteDish, Chef Landon Schoenefeld’s precocious toddler of a restaurant, would be […]