Food Locker Confessional

Closed But Not Forgotten: Restaurants We’re Nostalgic For

The Heavy Table staff remembers long-closed restaurants and bars that were (very) near and dear to us.

Gumby’s Pokey Stix

Like any other college town in America, Madison, WI, has plenty of pizza places, ranging from the simple yet sublime […]

Rocky Rococo and the Riddle of ‘So Bad It’s Good’

Driving away from Rocky Rococo one day, my roommate and I, both undergraduate bachelors, compared it to an esteemed Madison […]

Kitchen Mishaps and Other Stupid Disasters

Whether you’re a serious cook or just a reckless dabbler, you’ve probably at some point met your gastronomic Waterloo. What […]

My Best Meal Ever

Dear Diary, OMG, I just ate the best. meal. ever. I know my words won’t be able to do it […]