Checklist Project

Central Avenue Checklist: Hill Valley Cafe to Ideal Diner

The Central Avenue Checklist grabs lunch at the Columbia Golf Club, breakfast at the Ideal Diner and the city’s best tamales at Valerie’s.

Central Avenue Checklist: Bakery Edition

The Central Avenue Checklist cruises the whole street on a Saturday morning and checks out bakeries from the Heights to Aki’s.

Central Avenue Checklist: From The Chilean Corner to El Taco Riendo

The Central Avenue Checklist tries the Thai food at Karta Thai, eats gas station fare at the Chevy Grill and finally reaches the fabled Chimborazo.

Central Avenue Checklist: El Tequila to The Heights Theater

The Central Avenue Checklist moves south and visits Dragon House, El Tequila, The Heights theater, and more.

Central Avenue Checklist: New York Gyro to Jimmy’s Pro Billiards

The Central Avenue Checklist sweeps through New York Gyro, Filfillah, Jimmy’s Billiards, El Taco Loco, and VFW Post 230.