Checklist Project

East Lake Checklist: El Sabor Chuchi to The Rabbit Hole

The East Lake Street checklist hits a surprisingly good seafood spot (Mar y Tierra), Hamdi Restaurant, and the Midtown Global Market.

East Lake Checklist: Taqueria Victor Hugo to Safari Restaurant

This week, the East Lake Checklist moves through many cuisines: Somali (Safari), Mexican (Victor Hugo, Los Ocampo, Chinelo) and soul food (A&J).

East Lake Checklist: Gorditas el Gordo to Pineda Tacos

The East Lake Checklist hits Minneapolis taquerias including El Chilo, La Hacienda, Pineda, Tapatias and Gorditas el Gordo.

East Lake Checklist: Lake Plaza

The Heavy Table Checklist is back, this time documenting all the independent restaurants on East Lake Street between 35W and the Mississippi River.

The Green Line Checklist on Minnesota Public Radio

If you just heard James Norton talking about the Green Line Checklist on MPR, view the complete archives here, or read each installment.