Second Look: Freehouse, Nightingale, Bar La Grassa

A return visit to three restaurants we’ve previously reviewed, including Freehouse, Bar La Grassa, and Nightingale.

Merlin’s Rest British Pie Week and More

Merlin’s Rest kicks off British Pie Week, Gray Duck Chai introduces a new product, and more.

Rick Didora

Town Hall’s Barrel-Aged Beer Tradition

Barrel-aged beer at Town Hall is kept at cellar temperature in a moist environment, ideal for art and science to reveal themselves.

Joshua Page / Heavy Table

Heavy Table Hot Five: Feb. 27-Mar. 5

Pie from the Pine Brook Inn and a comforting oxtail hash at Blackbird make the Hot Five this week.

Mike Mommsen / Heavy Table

The Rise of the Can in Twin Cities Craft Breweries

More breweries in the Twin Cities are opting for cans as part of their repertoire, including different, larger sized cans as part of their lineup.