Heavy Table Hot Five: Nov. 21-27

A Surf and Turf burger from George & The Dragon plus a tart from Heyday jump onto the list.

Thanksgiving Hack: Gluten-free cornbread and sausage-chestnut dressing

Our family spends Thanksgiving with a friend who has celiac disease, so we have a mostly gluten-free dinner — I […]

Bjorn Christianson / Heavy Table

Thanksgiving Hacks: The Unexpected Vegetarian

Vegetarian gravy is simple, elegant, and has charms all its own.


Let Your Table Find Its Voice at Northern Clay Center

Your table setting says a lot about you! Serving pieces not only complement your foodstuffs, but they also express your sense of design and aesthetic.

Kate NG Sommers /

Thanksgiving Hack: On the Management of Liquids

Punch bowls, press pots, and coffee urns can transform a hectic Thanksgiving mess into a smooth-as-glass celebration.