Join Chef Camp and Mike Phillips for a Special Dinner at Draft Horse

Join the Heavy Table, Chef Camp, and the Food Building for a special dinner at Draft Horse on Feb. 29, 2016.

Deer + Almond in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Deer + Almond is bringing Winnipeg’s sometimes dated dining scene into the present day with a vengeance.

Mike Mommsen / Heavy Table

Community Keg House in Northeast Minneapolis

Tucked away in the old Grain Belt Brewery in Northeast Minneapolis is a bar with a taproom feel and a small restaurant: The Community Keg House.

Amy Rea / Heavy Table

Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery

Tasty farm-to-table pizza and local brews at Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery.

Ben Spangler

Lamb Loin Roast: Herbed and Rolled

A recipe for Herbed and Rolled Lamb Loin sponsored by Shepherd Song Farm.