Nong’s Thai Cuisine in Golden Valley

A striking basil tilapia dish and some lovely Thai soup help put Golden Valley’s Nong’s Thai Cuisine on the greater metro map of Southeast Asian eats.

Heavy Table Hot Five: April 20-26

A glorious smorgasbord plate at the newly opened Bungalow Club in Longfellow takes top honors on this week’s Hot Five round up of what to eat and drink.

East Lake Checklist: Urban Forage Cidery to Himalayan Restaurant

The East Lake Checklist sweeps up some high-profile spots including Himalayan Restaurant, Town Talk Diner, and more. Plus: Thai rolled ice cream!

Chef Camp Announces First Chef for 2018: Nettie Colón + Underground Cooking

This year, Nettie Colón will be the Camp Cook serving meals at Chef Camp—her creativity, farm-to-table focus, and willingness to dig a fire pit just about anywhere are guaranteed to make them unforgettable.

The Tap: Restaurant Openings and Closings for Late April

The Tap rounds up new, upcoming, and closing restaurants in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area and presents them to you on a biweekly basis.