Bryant-Lake Bowl in Uptown

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

A flagship of Uptown dining and entertainment since the days when Uptown still had plenty of seedy edge to it, the Bryant-Lake Bowl is the hipster reincarnation of the neighborhood bowling alley. You can bowl a few frames and enjoy some draught brew; you can also watch avant garde theater and eat curried chevre salad or basmati rice and vegetables.

Best known for its evening entertainment and Cheap Date Night specials (two meals, drinks, and a round of bowling for $28) BLB is also a reliable brunch stop. Both the biscuits and mushroom gravy ($7.50) and the bison hash ($9) stand out as classic examples of Uptown comfort food. Food tends to be consistent and of high quality, and is both moderately priced and a reasonable value. Many of the menu items are locally sourced.

The only knock against this reliable institution might be the level of crowding and noise — on even a Wednesday or Thursday night, particularly when the weather’s good, BLB can be a headache to enter… let alone get seated in.

BEST BET: Brunch in general (which tends to be less crowded, except on Sundays).

Learn more about this business on Heavy Table’s Atlas of Ethical Eating and Drinking.

Bryant Lake Bowl
Upscale Diner in Uptown
810 W Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55408
PHONE: 612.825.3737
OWNER: Kim Bartmann
HOURS: Daily 8am-2am
BAR: Full

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