The Churn

New State Fair Food and June 13 Tweet Rodeo

@pizzanea is now selling slices of pizza from 11:30am to 5pm daily (buy one get one free today), @Peace_Coffee shares a list of new foods at the State Fair, @BirchwoodCafe tries out Nice Ride’s bicycle powered ice cream maker, and @blacksheeppizza offers a guest IPA for only $3 from 3pm to 6pm at their St. Paul location.

By Hannah Rogal

Hannah Rogal grew up in Iowa in a house where freshly baked bread was the norm, and summer vegetables were just steps away in the backyard garden. After a stint in Massachusetts for college, she found herself in Minneapolis where she spent a couple years in fundraising before jumping fully into the food world. Now she spends her days nurturing her sourdough starter, training for half marathons, and perfecting her homemade ice cream. In the early morning hours, she works as a pastry cook.