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Green Line Checklist: The Dubliner to Ippindo Ramen House

The Green Line Checklis continues its foray and visits the Egg and I, Workhorse Coffee Bar, Ippindo Ramen House and more.

Greenline Checklist: Mesa Pizza to Stub and Herb’s

The Green Line Checklist racks up some new University Avenue highlights at the likes of Hong Kong Noodle, Sencha, and Mesa Pizza.

Green Line Checklist: Caspian Bistro to Playoffs Sports Lounge

The Green Line Checklist saunters over the city line into Minneapolis and discovers some great Chinese food (and some not-great Chinese food) plus a Persian surprise.

Green Line Checklist: On’s Kitchen to Tracks Bar and Grill

The Heavy Table Green Line Checklist hits a rocky patch as it moves from On’s Kitchen Thai to Tracks Bar and Grill in St. Paul.

Green Line Checklist: Midway Pro Bowl to Big V’s

From Golden Gate Cafe through Peking Garden to Big V’s, we tour some of the bars and Chinese joints of St. Paul’s University Avenue.