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The Debut of Chef Camp’s Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The Chef Camp team debuted its wood-fired pizza oven at Camp Miller earlier this month in order to preview its two upcoming sessions of camp.

A Meritage Terrace Dinner and Chef Camp Preview

Meritage Executive Chef and Chef Camp chef-instructor Jason Engelhart is presenting a special terrace-side meal at Meritage this Sunday.

Chef Camp Recipe: Nettie Colon’s Charred Octopus with Grilled-Lemon Coriander Sauce

Nettie Colon, a chef-instructor for the Sep. 8-10 session of Chef Camp, shares a recipe for charred octopus with grilled lemon coriander sauce.

Spicy Burdock Salad by Noah Barton of Delicata and Chef Camp

The so-common-it’s-not-funny burdock boasts a root that can be dug up and sliced into the basis for a spicy, savory, tasty summer salad.

Chef Camp Blows It Up for July 4th

Save 10% or more on Chef Camp tickets when you book over the July 4th weekend, and join us at Camp Miller for a once-in-a-lifetime feast in the woods.