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The Crackers at Terzo, and Thoughts on the Waning of the Bread Basket

The crackers at Terzo in Minneapolis tell a story of food transcending borders, and the potential of house-made breads to elevate restaurants.

Lunch and Dinner at Esker Grove at the Walker

Among the victims of the epidemic of “fine dining” closings is Piccolo, whose chef-owner, Doug Flicker, has shifted his expertise […]

James Norton / Heavy Table

Heavy Table Hot Five: Oct. 21-27

Each Friday, this list will track five of the best things Heavy Table’s writers, editors, and photographers have recently bitten […]

Sunday blackboard at Meritage

Sunday Suppers at The Bachelor Farmer, Lucia’s, and Meritage

Sunday suppers at The Bachelor Farmer, Lucia’s, and Meritage are an occasion to enjoy a good prix fixe meal and regroup for the week ahead.

Heavy Table Hot Five April 8-14

The Hot Five touts a new Target Field ice cream by Izzy’s and Birchwood, Brussels Sprouts at the Sheridan Room, and more.