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Alex Giuliani of Clyde Iron Works in Duluth, MN

“Iron for the Empire State Building, Panama Canal and Golden Gate Bridge came out of here. It was a big […]

Breakfast at the Amazing Grace in Duluth, MN

Last month the Amazing Grace held their first bread pudding contest — it was called “Chip Ahoy,” in honor of […]

Hanabi Japanese Cuisine in Duluth, MN

“People up here seem to be more adventurous than people in the Cities,” says Sean Martin, who has helped chef […]

HellBurgers in Duluth, MN

Editor’s Note: HellBurgers is closed. Damn Good Food may be the title of the Hell’s Kitchen cookbook, but damn good […]

Beatrice Ojakangas of Duluth, MN

Before Beatrice Ojakangas, there was no cookbook for Finnish cuisine. Today her first book, The Finnish Cookbook, is in its […]