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Bull Run Coffee in Uptown

The 6-ounce cappuccino and latte art trend at cutting edge cafes like Kopplin’s Coffee and Black Sheep Coffee Cafe has […]

Dogwood Coffee Co. in Calhoun Square

“With the momentum we have at Calhoun Square, we will be opening another shop,” says Greg Hoyt, owner of the […]

The Railway Pizzeria in Proctor, MN

The North and South Shores are the most-frequented routes for travelers heading out of Duluth, leading them to well known […]

Deep Water Grille and South Shore Brewery in Ashland, WI

The marriage of food and beer is only ever as good as the makers of the beer and the food. […]

Rustic Inn Cafe in Castle Danger, MN

Leaves are beginning to turn and Highway 61 is reminding us that it’s one of the most beautiful drives in […]