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3 Bear Oats Oatmeal at Mill City Farmers Market

3 Bear Oats brings a variety of thoughtful, formidable mix-in combinations to the world of steel-cut oatmeal at the Mill City Farmers Market.

The Giant Candy Store in Jordan, Minnesota

It’s back, open for the season a bit earlier than usual, and guess what? It’s even more giant than it […]

Half Caff from Just Coffee Co-op

Madison’s Just Coffee Co-op offers a half-caffeinated blend called Half Caff, and it’s ideal: smooth, rich, low in acid and mellow on the nerves.

Conny’s Creamy Cone in St. Paul

Conny’s Creamy Cone in St. Paul offers a classic soft-serve ice cream experience, plus the excitement of nearly 30 mix-in flavors to transform your vanilla.

Crisp & Green in the North Loop

Crisp and Green offers a variety of high-end, well-produced salads, but are consumers ready to shell out a premium for a greens-focused menu?