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Restaurant Websites: The Heavy Table World Wide Web Wish List

14 key elements that restaurant websites are missing (or are ruined by). A website home page is the front door for a restaurant’s online identity.

Red Rabbit in the North Loop, Minneapolis

Solid, approachable food and servers who walk the fine line between being friendly and being intrusive have given Red Rabbit a solid start.

The El Pato Loco Pizza at San Pedro Cafe

The El Pato Loco at Hudson’s San Pedro Cafe comes on a cracker-like crust topped with a heady mixture of sweet and spicy.

To Zingerman’s and Beyond: The Food Scene in Ann Arbor

The food scene Ann Arbor is punching far out of its weight class with a boom in creative dining powered by local produce.

Piper’s Coffee and Burger Bar in Eden Prairie

JJs in Eden Prairie is now Piper’s Coffee & Burger Bar. The restaurant’s new focus is now on an extensive, intriguing set of burgers.