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North Coast Nosh IX: The Recap

Much fun was had (and much great food and drink consumed) at the ninth North Coast Nosh, set at The Soap Factory.

The HideOut in Northeast Minneapolis

The HideOut in Northeast Minneapolis is no frills, bare bones, and, actually, the perfect place to lie low and unwind.

Dinner at Marin Restaurant and Bar

The California-inspired cuisine of Marin Restaurant strikes out into new territory on some fronts and plays it safe on others.

Bluestem Bar and Table in Uptown, Minneapolis

Bluestem, the French Meadow’s foray into running a wine bar with small plates brings a lot of elegance and a slight lack of focus.

Petite Sweets Pastries at the Minneapolis Farmers Market

Whoopie pies are the linchpin – but not the limit – of the new baked goods tour de force that is Petite Sweets Pastries.