The SweeTango Apple Takes Manhattan and Morning Roundup

METRO puts out a great-looking Twin Cities brewery checklist, a review of Damien (a small beer derived from Darkness), Minneapolis City Council changes an ordinance to allow microbreweries to operate next door to a church, how to have a Minnesota locavore Thanksgiving, when social media collides with traditional tailgating, some noteworthy 2011 books about food…

SweeTango Goes Presidential and Morning Roundup

Effusive praise for the Hola Arepa food truck, Minnesota is home to more cooperative businesses than any other state (including many food co-ops), some gorgeous Lake Superior herring fishing photos, Fargo-Moorhead restaurants (Hodo Lounge and Usher’s House) and thoughts on racism, a posting for the Director of Coffee position at Peace Coffee, a look at…

SweeTango Apple Wars and Morning Roundup

Minnesota Apple Growers for Fair Trade have launched their SweeTango-targeted website, an entertaining Chowhound thread about the most expensive local restaurants (Manny’s leaps to mind for some reason), Rachel gives advice on good Middle Eastern food, Midtown Global Market loses Naviya’s (and Linden Hills wins it), and an epic date at The Black Forest Inn.

Minnesota Apple Growers Sue for SweeTangos

A group calling itself “Minnesota Apple Growers for Free Trade” is initiating a lawsuit against the University of Minnesota, Pepin Heights, and other individuals associated with the development of SweeTango apple and the creation of a related license agreement that gives a Pepin Heights-headed cooperative the exclusive rights to commercially produce the apple. For the…

The Building of an Apple Brand: The SweeTango

The introduction of the University of Minnesota’s newest apple varietal, the SweeTango, garnered significant attention during its limited release this fall. “Every customer asked about it,” said Max Maddaus of the St. Paul Kowalski’s produce department. “As soon as we filled the bin we sold out. We’d get a new shipment in, and it would…

SweeTango Apples Debut

Lunds, Byerly’s, Kowalski’s, and Festival Foods are slated to carry the debut of the new SweeTango apple, described in its marketing push as “a cross between Honeycrisp and Zestar varieties… both sweet and tart with hints of fall spices.” If you try one, drop us a comment. Is it the next Honeycrisp? Or a fruity…

The Pazazz Apple

We tasted the new Pazazz apple and found it to be a hurricane-force blast of tartness counterbalanced by a pleasantly sweet undertone.

Heavy Table Hot Five: July 15-21

The Heavy Table Hot Five features a plantain dessert from the newly opened Jefe, Silhouette Cafe, Sociable Cider Werks and more.

Eleven Things We Learned at North Coast Nosh XI

Eleven things we learned while wandering around at Nosh XI.

The Toast: December 2013

New spirits from the North, Sociable Cider Werks opens in Northeast, and some mulled wine to warm you up this December.

The Booya Bulletin and Morning Roundup

The annual Pioneer Press Booya roundup, urban aquaculture is on the rise in Milwaukee (here’s our profile of an aquaculture facility near Baldwin, WI), an in-depth interview with new Herkimer brewer Mike Willaford, a review of Tyranena Brewing Company’s Painted Ladies Pumpkin Spice Ale, food trucks are getting hassled by the man (possibly Target?) in…

All-You-Can-Eat Paella and Morning Roundup

A review of St. Paul’s La Grolla restaurant, an early write-up of Madison’s Asian-themed but German-named Dumpling Haus, the debut of the Twin Cities Coffee Guild site, a bread contest at Mill City Farmers Market, a visit to Callister Farm (we dug our Slow Food dinner there), reflections on Mill Valley Kitchen, a look at…