August, 2010

Badass Vegetarian BLT and Recipe Roundup

Roasted summer fruit with vanilla, Ethos green beans, beans and cabbage in coconut sauce, fig sauce, corn salsa, and a […]

The Minnesota State Fair 2010 Food Tour

The Minnesota State Fair is a gastronomic minefield, comprising gimmicks, classics, overpriced garbage, brilliant local fare, daring mishaps, and once-a-year […]

State Fair Fried My Brain and Morning Roundup

Serious Eats interviews Todd Haug of Surly, insight into the change of ownership at Colossal Cafe, and some details on […]

Farm Journal Part 15: The Cycle of the Seasons

University of Minnesota Agriculture student Ruth Burke is spending this summer interning at a CSA farm called Cramer Organics of […]

One-Eyed Pike Ale and Morning Roundup

A call for Summit beer memories, State Fair bingo cards (we’ll be there in force this morning so you can […]